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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Lisa, I'm a product creator and developer. I created SwoonStitch to make all kinds of custom textiles. Whether geeky or just unique, to me something swoon-worthy is a piece you own that makes you smile every time you see it. If you need a unique solution to something or a product based on a rough idea - I can help!

Growing up, Mom would sew everything from her own clothes to our doll clothes and Halloween costumes. When she bought me a sewing machine it quickly gave me a new form of creative energy. I started making gifts, costumes and cosplay, skirts and dresses, and pillows and curtains for my home. I fell in love with this craft. I have also learned to crochet in the last few years and absolutely love it!


I live in Michigan with my partner and our two cats. I'm mostly just a goofball with a huge heart.  I am a fan of everything Sci-fi, I love cats, music off all kinds, video games, eating everything yummy and traveling whenever we can. ​


If you found your way here, it means you're supporting me in some way, and I appreciate you so much!